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The Tim McKernan Show

Jul 2, 2018

After being fired by the Whalers over Memorial Day weekend 40 years ago, Bill embarked upon a project that turned into sports media behemoth ESPN.  He spoke with Tim in June 2018 to discuss ESPN’s beginnings and his entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Bill’s experience being let go by both the Whalers and Gordie Howe
  • The cable TV landscape in the late 70’s & RCA launching a satellite
  • Drive from Connecticut to New Jersey when SportsCenter was born
  • The challenge of recruiting cable operators & lining up the investors
  • What life experience did Bill draw upon when founding the network
  • Very unconventional route that Bill took in becoming a sportscaster
  • The process with vetting and hiring the original ESPN talent lineup
  • Bill’s epic meeting with a baseball legend at a charity softball game


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