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The Tim McKernan Show

Jun 25, 2018

The former 2-term Governor and longtime Missouri Attorney General sat down with Tim in June 2018 to discuss his career, Ferguson, plus the Rams departure.


  • The unique way Jay’s parents introduced him to the world of politics
  • How the state legislature has become more politicized since his term
  • Progression which led the No-Call List to being effectively enforced
  • Decision to run for Governor & strategy for engaging the entire state
  • How much consideration did he give to running on the National stage
  • His initial reaction to Michael Brown’s death and role with Ferguson
  • What led to announcing the task force of Dave Peacock & Bob Blitz
  • When did Kroenke first become fixated with moving to Los Angeles
  • Defending the use of public funds and land for venues and stadiums
  • How can the St. Louis region have more cohesiveness in government
  • How does Governor Nixon hope to define his legacy in public office


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