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The Tim McKernan Show

Jun 17, 2018

The former 3-term Mayor of St. Louis City joined Tim in June 2018 to discuss challenges facing our region, his political career, and the NFL’s exit from STL.


  • Becoming the Mayor at 34 years old & his 1981 campaign slogan
  • Challenges presented by having the region spread over MO and IL
  • The most practical way that St. Louis City and County could unite
  • Reality of the St. Louis region’s problem with population growth
  • Why revitalizing the region can’t be solely focused on Downtown
  • Tale of the tape on St. Louis compared to Boston & San Francisco
  • What can the region do to retain more of our young professionals
  • What led Vince to depart from office and his post-Mayoral career
  • Dealing with Bidwell and moment he knew the team would leave
  • Efforts made to attract another NFL team during his administration
  • Gene McNary’s stadium plan & surprise call from an NBA owner


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