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The Tim McKernan Show

Jun 4, 2018

The St. Louis native and Washington Post reporter was the only African American woman working an NBA beat until recently.  She chatted with Tim in May 2018…


  • The in-depth piece Candace wrote on Jayson Tatum’s barber
  • What led her to pursue a career in print rather than broadcast
  • Where was her first stop after leaving University of Missouri
  • How did her reporting assignments differ around the country
  • What was her experience as an NBA fan growing up in STL
  • What is her rapport like with St. Louis native Bradley Beal
  • Has she encountered any issues working in the locker room
  • Are male athletes today more likely to open up to a woman
  • Explanation for Dan Majerle rekindling her interest in NBA
  • Recalling the classic Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry in the 1980’s
  • Discussing the diversity among reporters covering the sport
  • What is her view of this city as a native St. Louisan in D.C.
  • Which cities are next in line for NBA expansion franchises


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