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The Tim McKernan Show

May 21, 2018

The long-time sports director at KSDK in St. Louis now co-anchors the station’s morning show, Today in St. Louis.  Rene joined Tim in studio in May 2018 to talk about his trek around the media landscape, health issues, and overall life in STL…


  • Why he considers himself in t-shirt shape, not shirtless shape
  • Rene’s athletic exploits & playing college football in Oregon
  • Transition to broadcasting & choosing not to pursue the NFL
  • Growing up in Los Angeles and the Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry
  • Interview procedures and cigar smoking with Michael Jordan
  • The awkward situation which prompted his move to St. Louis
  • How life changed for his family being in STL rather than DC
  • The challenges with winning over provincial viewers in town
  • Diagnosing the dangerous blood clots in Rene’s lungs in 2013
  • Undergoing surgery & how it’s shaped his perspective on life
  • What led to his move from sports director to morning anchor
  • Why covering the Olympics was a watershed moment for him
  • Rene’s on-air response to an email referring to him as a “thug”
  • How being a news anchor has changed his perspective on STL


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