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The Tim McKernan Show

Apr 16, 2018

A staple of the hockey community in St. Louis and beyond, the former enforcer turned radio analyst has been with the Blues organization for over 25 seasons…


  • Why the Humboldt tragedy has been so personal for him
  • Explanation for the hockey community being so tight-knit
  • Why he counseled one of his sons to stop playing hockey
  • His warning against parents hiring junior hockey advisors
  • How much scoring prowess did Chaser have in his youth
  • Why a fight with Ken Baumgartner was key to his career
  • Anecdote on a terrible signing by the Blues in early 00’s
  • What was life like off the ice with the early 1990’s Blues
  • Recounting some of his favorite fights on and off the ice
  • Behind-the-scenes of Keenan orchestrating his departure
  • Infamous “Here comes Cheveldae” incident vs. Detriot
  • Thoughts on Chris Kerber & keeping the broadcast fresh
  • Are concerns about the locker room divide in STL valid
  • Chase’s expectations for the Blues during the off-season
  • What it would mean to be part of a Stanley Cup winner


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