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The Tim McKernan Show

Mar 5, 2018

The former St. Louis County Executive and INS Commissioner joined Tim in January 2018 to discuss his career, immigration, and shaping St. Louis’ future.


  • Comparing immigration issues today to George H.W. Bush era
  • Scenario in which Mexico could actually pay for a border wall
  • The lack of objectivity in modern print & television journalism
  • Paradigm shift that Trump took advantage of in the ‘16 election
  • How will Trump’s manner impact his Presidential effectiveness
  • Why Gene is at Wash U studying genetics and Medieval history
  • His proposal which would create 9 boroughs in greater St. Louis
  • The efforts he undertook to save the St. Louis Football Cardinals
  • How the County was almost awarded an NBA team in Riverport
  • The important role Steve Stenger plays in regional unification
  • How likely is a City & County merger of some sort in 10 years


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