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The Tim McKernan Show

Oct 11, 2017

Tim sat down with former University of Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel at his home in Columbia, MO on Tuesday, September 26th.  Topics include:  not accepting moral victories during his early years at Mizzou (10:30), Nick Saban writing the forward to his book (16:00), how Mike Alden helped him block out the media noise (21:30), breaking down the recruiting wall between St. Louis and Columbia (27:00), his chance meeting with Vince Lombardi (31:30), the Armageddon at Arrowhead game (36:00), how he decided what to cover in the book (43:30), being wooed by Michigan (49:00), Michael Sam and the 2013 season (51:00), his cancer diagnosis (58:00), his decision to retire and having that news leak prematurely (1:02:30), procedure he followed during hunger strike (1:06:30), his disagreements with how aspects of that situation were handled (1:10:00), thoughts on Barry Odom (1:13:00), how he learned to remain calm during press conferences (1:15:30), his relationship with Tony La Russa (1:22:00)

Coach’s book, “The 100-yard Journey:  A Life in Coaching and Battling for the Win”, is available now.  Special thanks to Story of the Year for providing our podcast theme.

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